Lançamento de Livro: “Kant and the Problem of Knowledge”

06/09/2022 08:24

Com satisfação divulgamos o lançamento do livro “Kant and the Problem of Knowledge” (2022), organizado por Alessandro Pinzani (UFSC) em parceira com Luigi Caranti (UniCt), e publicado pela editora Routledge. A série “Rethinking the Contemporary World” é composta por tres volumes que discutem a atualidade da filosofia kantiana no campo da epistemologia, da filosofia moral e da política.

“This book examines Kant’s contributions to the theory of knowledge and studies how his writings can be applied to address contemporary epistemological issues. The volume delves into the Kantian ideas of transcendental idealism, space, naturalism, epistemic normativity, communication, and systematic unity. The essays in the volume study Kant’s theories from a fresh perspective and offer new arguments for assenting that knowledge cannot account for itself without acknowledging the fundamental role of the cognitive subject. In doing so, they suggest that we reconsider Kant’s views as a powerful alternative to naturalism. Featuring readings by well-known Kant specialists and emerging scholars with unorthodox approaches to Kant’s philosophy, the volume fills a significant gap in the existing scholarship on the philosopher and his works. It will be of great interest to scholars and researchers of knowledge, philosophy, and epistemology.”